Laptops Have Gotten Hard to Find, What Should You Do?

Laptops Have Gotten Hard to Find, What Should You Do?

In just one more pandemic era side effect laptops and other tech gear such as tablets have become more difficult to find.

We can point to potential factors such as delays in shipping products from overseas and increasing demand from both more people working from home AND schools looking to make distance learning possible for students who don’t currently have access to technology.

It feels like since March a variety of things have been made scarce, some have made their way back to relatively normal levels such as toilet paper, or they’re still difficult to find like cleaning wipes from brands like Clorox.

If you’re looking for a laptop right now you can still find one, but it may not be the brand or specs you’re looking for. Chromebooks for instance known for their ease of use and inexpensiveness are still nowhere to be found.

It also goes beyond laptops as we mentioned, Xbox units, computer monitors, tablets, Nintendo Switches have all seen shortages or delays in being shipped. With airlines sending less flights there’s just less room for shipments to make it here overall.

To get a laptop that you want or that is close to the one you want it may require you to be ready to grab one as soon as it becomes available. Stock is being depleted quickly but a quick and savvy buyer should be able to still get one.

That may mean going beyond the brand you usually prefer or having a range of specs that would work instead of trying to purchase a laptop that’s the exact specs and model you had in mind. If you need one ASAP some flexibility is absolutely necessary right now.

Aside from that checking multiple retailers is also a great idea, the usual suspects such as Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart may be more likely to sell out quickly. If you check out less known or more regional electronic retailers such as Fry’s, Micro Center, and Newegg you may have more luck (bonus these sites specialize in computers and their parts). Adorama and B&H Photo, which are usually utilized for camera sales, also have computers and laptops available.

As a consumer trying to locate a laptop with the capabilities you need to work, or a business owner still trying to fully outfit their remote workforce, you need to decide on which specs are optimal so you can know what you can’t budge on.

We recommend for instance that you do NOT go below 8 GB of ram at this point. A laptop which may still be a dual core processor will be hamstrung too much by a low memory count. A faster processor is also a good idea to manage all the website tabs and programs that are sure to pile up as you’re working. You also want at least a 256 GB SSD at minimum.

One more tip, it may not be a bad idea to consider refurbished or certified pre-owned to get the specs or model you want with a price that’s more appealing. Many retailers offer warranties on these pre-owned products and they can be indistinguishable from a brand-new model.

If you work with a managed service provider, they can help you source laptops and other technology equipment for your business through their channels, so it’s a good idea to reach out to them with what you’re looking for. If your business is located in the Central Valley, we’d be more than happy to consult with you on this topic or other technology woes you may be facing at this time

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