The global chip shortage timeline of events, and when it could end

The global chip shortage timeline of events, and when it could end

The global chip shortage is still raging on and it’s effecting more business sectors than you might expect. As a technology provider we’re certainly feeling the pinch when it comes to ordering hardware for our clients. The delays have challenged us to get creative with our clients and we’re coming up with interim solutions until hardware makes it in.

Some vendors are certainly meeting the needs for computer hardware better than others, so that buffet of choice you may be used to is a thing of the past – at least for the moment. We’re thankful for our channel connections as they give us an edge when ordering that the ordinary consumer may not have.

We’re not the only ones feeling the pinch though, car manufacturers, appliances, even children’s toys. Consumers are being told they should consider purchasing their children’s wish list items earlier this year, if you wait those electric wish list items may be long gone before December. We’ve even seen it suggested that you may want to consider “dumb” toys such as those made of wood that are unaffected by the chip shortage. Lincoln logs anyone?

Here is a simple timeline of events for the chip shortages, which started long before the pandemic in 2018.

As you can see the chip shortages definitely didn’t start with the pandemic, but it did exacerbate the existing problems greatly. Shortages in components, shortages in labor, shipping delays are all contributing to worldwide pains that have even led to products exceeding their MSRP.

The graphic card market sums up the problem succinctly, with scalpers taking advantage of the low stock to sell cards for hundreds of dollars outside of their MSRP.

No one can say for sure when the chip shortages will end, but major players such as Intel and chip-making behemoth TSMC are all looking to bring manufacturing state side to help. This would at least cut down on shipping times and if future global trade issues were to occur the US electronic manufacturers would be much better prepared for it.

These are not permanent fixes though as component shortages are an ever-growing issue that needs to be addressed. We don’t know what a long-term solution will look like but more investments into infrastructure could easy the burden in the short term.

For more information on the time line of events for the global chip shortage we suggesting reading this article which goes into more details about the timeline of events since 2018 and other global factors that have occurred.

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