Technology that you can build on, supporting your construction business through tech

Technology that you can build on, supporting your construction business through tech

We’re continuing from last week where we touched on how technology integrates with the field of dentistry, we want to switch gears from a business sector that helps us maintain our tooth structure to one that helps us maintain our societal structure. We’re looking at how technology can help those in the construction.

Our construction clients are used to taking on big projects and creating comprehensive plans for tackling those projects with their teams. They aren’t always nailed down to one location, being out in the field and having employees logging in from remote offsite locations is part of their norm.

Documentation is important for the work they do. They often have a dedicated server that keeps track of all the reports that come with having a construction business. Planning data, financials, insurance information – all of that must be available at a click of a button so they can run their business as smoothly as possible.

If you’re in construction, ask yourself if any of these tech related items would be applicable to your business:

  1. Slow or non-existent internet on work sites. As we mentioned above, your employees aren’t logging in from one location, they go where the work is that day. You need support for your connectivity that’s flexible for the way you do business.
  2. Equipment that goes “missing”. Like us, you have expensive equipment that needs monitoring and logging. Our construction clients need solutions for making sure their equipment doesn’t “walk off” the job site. Security cameras solutions with the ability to save and review the data they collect are crucial for these clients.
  3. Regulatory compliance concerns. If you work in the government sector (or would like to) you’re probably aware of the ongoing attempt to secure our national data through CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).

    There’s also the documentation you must do for every portion of your business, because if something goes wrong you need that documentation to back you up. If your documentation goes missing or can’t be retrieved because an outdated server has “malfunctioned”, or your backup solution was inadequate – it can spell trouble for your business.

The long and short of it is, having a technology solution that supports your business is as crucial as having supports structures in a building to keep it from collapsing. A pillar may not look like much on it’s own but it could be the only thing keeping back a catastrophic collapse.

At Valley Techlogic, we see ourselves as the pillar that not only keeps your technology equipment running as it should, but also keeps out any intrusions to your business (17.7% of all cyber attacks are aimed at your business model which is second only to the financial sector).

Here is a chart with 5 ways Valley Techlogic specifically supports our construction clients:

5 Ways VTL Supports Your Construction Business

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