Hardware procurement exclusively available to Valley Techlogic, Inc. customers.

What to buy and where to buy it are questions are clients often have when it comes to replacing aging technology hardware in their business. That is why we utilize our partnerships to their benefit to save them time and money.

We help identify machines that are in need of replacement and use our professional expertise to offer equipment solutions that that will best meet their goals and prevent any downtime for their employees. For large purchases we can even work with our vendors to obtain additional discounts on top of the ones that are offered to us through our partnerships.

Procurement services through Valley Techlogic is an inclusive benefit reserved for our clients.

Here are four ways you can benefit as a Valley Techlogic client in making hardware purchases:

  • Extraordinary savings - in both time and money, our partnerships allow us access to discounts and orders through our vendors ship fast (crucial if a machine is down).
  • Expert installation - because this is a benefit offered only to clients we not only assist with ordering, we also complete the installation.
  • Vendor assistance - the service doesn't stop after the order is delivered, if you encounter any issues with your purchase we will work with the vendor to make it right on your behalf.
  • Full circle support - because we're helping you make the best choices in hardware for your business, we also make sure our team is ready to support your new purchase from the time it arrives to when it eventually needs to be replaced.

We're proud to partner with the best businesses in the industry.