Bridging the technical gap, how technology can bring your dental practice into the future

Dental practitioners are not technology novices, new technologies emerge all the time that help aid patients in the care of their teeth and in advancing restoration processes to combat the effects of tooth decay (just look at the use of lasers for repairing cavities).

However, we see all the time that our dental practice owning clients will still be stuck in the past when it comes to the rest of their technology.

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As an IT service provider, we’re passionate about cybersecurity because we see the effects having inadequate coverage can have on businesses first hand.

The devastation that can occur after a cyber attack is staggering, we’ve given you the statistics before, such as:

The cost of cybercrime is predicted to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025
Cryptojacking cases quadrupled in 2021, but the hackers don’t make very much (less than $6 per day), however that doesn’t stop them from trying to gain access to your machines
It takes on average 287 for cybersecurity teams to detect and contain a data breach
Phishing is involved in 36% of data breaches (can you identify the signs of a phishing email?)
DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks are skyrocketing, with 9.75 million occurring in 2021

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the release of our Tech Tip Card Deck, our deck contains 56 tips for getting your cybersecurity house in order with custom art representing each tip.

When the business is you, how data brokers create and sell detailed information based on your browsing history

This week, John Oliver of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” aired an eye-opening segment on the world of data brokers and how easy it is to create a very detailed profile about an individual simply from their online browsing history. We suggest watching that segment (which can be found on YouTube) but we also wanted to touch base on this topic ourselves and explain what happens, why this happens, and what you can do to browse safely (and privately) online.

Unsure if the person you’re interacting with may be a fake? This Chrome extension can detect fake profile pictures with 99.29% accuracy

As we discussed last week, financial scams may be on the rise in 2022. Social engineering is a pretty common tactic utilized by scammers when it comes to siphoning funds from unwitting victims, but there are some tools you can use to combat it.

Recently a company called V7 Labs has released an extension for Chrome that’s able to detect artificially generated profile pictures, such as those created by Thispersondoesnotexist.

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At Valley Techlogic we believe educating our community on internet safety and providing concrete goals for businesses in our area to help improve their cybersecurity measures whether or not they're covered by a Valley Techlogic plan is a valuable resource our company can provide to make us all a little safer online.

5 Ways You Can Prepare Your Technology (and Your Employees) to Return to the Office

Whether your employees are still mostly remote, or you’ve moved into a hybrid setup, many employers are looking to return to business as usual as COVID numbers drop and speculation increases that we’re moving into the endemic phase of this illness.

We covered this topic much earlier in the pandemic, and we still agree with the advice we gave for prepping employee devices before bringing them back into the company network.