Windows 10 End of Life is Coming, and It’s Sooner Than You Think

While Windows 11 (code name Sun Valley) hasn’t officially been introduced to the public, it’s created enough of a stir that the topic of Windows 10 support ending has been pushed to the forefront of the tech news cycle. Windows 10 will officially end mainstream support on October 14, 2025.

Back in 2015 it was circled around that Microsoft 10 would be the “last Windows release”, indicating Windows would follow the route of Apple and just continuously update this version in perpetuity.

The Massive Internet Outage and The Human Error Behind It

A number of major websites were down yesterday morning, including Google, Amazon, Reddit and Twitch. The outage lasted for an hour and even broke services such as Twitter’s emoji.

The outage occurred through Fastly which is a cloud computing provider and highlights how interconnected (and sensitive) the world wide web really is.

The Semiconductor Shortage Is Affecting Products Worldwide – When Will It End?

As we approach the summer and more than a year since the pandemic began, it seems like there is no end to the shortages that seem to be a staple piece of pandemic life.

The reasons for the various shortages are complex, but mostly fall to issues with production and the stockpiling of products as consumers and businesses alike try to “weather out” the various (and sometimes self-created) storms.

The Extreme Side of RAAS (Ransomware As A Service)

When many people think ransomware they usually think on the small scale, someone’s email or computer being held hostage until a small sum is paid or an IT professional can assist with the problem (for the lucky ones).

Or perhaps you think of the major breaches where millions of accounts are leaked to the public, usually containing emails, phone numbers and other identifying information.

Top 10 Tips for Managing Your Social Media Presence

As a technology service provider, we don’t think it’s much of a leap to weigh in on the topic of social media, there are many technical aspects that come with managing your business’s presence on all the various social media platforms. You may be asking yourself if it’s worth the effort or which ones would be the best fit for your business – or even how to go about setting them up in the first place.

Cyber Security Training Is More Accessible Than You Think

It can be a hard pitch getting your employees to commit to cyber security training, and you yourself may wonder if it’s worth the time spent on it.

It’s a simple fact, when it comes to cyber security breaches humans are the weakest link. There is no software measure that can preempt the human element when it comes to bad actors getting into your business’s systems and accessing your sensitive data.