4 Ways to Secure Your IoT (Internet of Things) Devices

Love it or hate it, internet connectivity in everyday devices is here to stay. Whether you’re a staunch believer that “smart” devices are unnecessary or if you are just waiting for the day when the 1999 Disney movie “Smart House” becomes a reality (minus the over reactive AI of course) – chances are you have some devices in your home or office that are connected to the internet just like your laptop or desktop computer is and that means they need to be managed in almost the same way from a cyber threat perspective.

When is the best time to buy a new laptop? Plus our top laptop picks by category for 2024

With Amazon’s Prime Day starting next Tuesday we know a lot of people will be interested in taking advantage of any laptop sales the e-commerce giant will have available to refresh an older device or bump up to better hardware, but is this the best time to buy a new laptop?

There are actually several times throughout the year we see laptop (and devices in general) sales spike, including:

Back-to-School Season (July to September): Retailers often offer discounts to attract students and parents preparing for the school year.

Ransomware attack brings down auto dealers across the country, bringing car sales to a halt

Software creator CDK Global experienced a ransomware attack last week that left auto dealerships that use the software they distribute (Dealer Management System or DMS) unable to process car sales as they normally do.

The DMS software is used by over 15,000 dealerships nationwide and not only helps car dealerships quickly process applications but also provides dealers with the ability to manage customer relationships and service solutions such as maintenance contracts, car rebates and even tracks dealer inventory.

Our top 10 best tricks for using Microsoft Outlook every user should know

Microsoft Outlook is a feature found in their Office line of software and can be used standalone or as part of your overall Microsoft 365 subscription package. It can be used as a mobile app, a desktop app or even within your browser and has many competitive features that make managing your business’s email easier such as tie ins to your Microsoft calendar automatically (including the ability to schedule Teams meetings right from Outlook) and automatic access to OneDrive to make sending files you’re actively working on more convenient.

Purchased a new laptop? Five steps on how to set it up to maximize your productivity.

If you’ve purchased a new laptop recently (or if you’re in the market) you may be wondering what to do with the fresh new start you now have on your hands.

However, there is the matter of your old laptop before you do anything with your new one, before you send it to e-waste or hand it off to the next person you want to make sure any files you’ll need now or in the future have been taken off of it and stored either directly onto your new device, into cloud storage, or even onto a portable hard drive.

You have cloud backups for your business, but are you wasting money on storage you don’t need? 5 ways to tidy up your cloud storage

The worst backup situation to have as a business owner is no backups at all, so if you’ve made keeping backups of your data a priority in your business, we want to encourage you to keep the effort up. Having data backups is crucial for making a full recovery in the event of device failure, cyber security breaches and more.