The 6 roles you would you need to fill to match the services delivered by an outsourced IT vendor

Has your business grown to the point you’re now looking to improve the IT solutions you have available, including possibly adding additional staff? Or maybe you’re currently the go-to person for providing technical support for your users (we see this a lot) and you’re realizing you need additional help to ensure things continue to run smoothly.

Are your emails not getting through? Changes to Google and Yahoo DMARC Policy might be to blame

Email deliverability can be tricky to guarantee, and now with recent changes to Google and Yahoo’s DMARC policies getting your emails delivered to your customers and prospects may be even more difficult.

First, we should start out by explaining what DMARC is, DMARC or Domain Based Message Authentication is the process that checks to make sure the email that’s being sent is being sent from the domain it’s proclaiming to be.

5 Ways Microsoft 365 Business Premium Elevates Your Operations and is the Superior Choice for Your Business

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, having the right tools to streamline your business operations is essential. Microsoft 365 offers a suite of powerful applications designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security. Among its offerings, Microsoft 365 Business Premium stands out as the ultimate solution for businesses seeking a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to their needs.

Microsoft Copilot, is it worth investigating for your business? 10 things you can use it for TODAY

Released earlier this year, Microsoft Copilot is available for you to use today and is Microsoft’s answer to the growing trend of AI assisted technologies. Copilot is a Microsoft 365 offering alongside their other popular business software applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more but you may be asking, what can I do with it?

Here are 10 real life use cases for Microsoft Copilot:

Automate Reporting from Excel: If you’re still manually generating reports based on the Excel spreadsheets created by your business that can end today.

Received a weird text from your boss? You’re not alone, text scams are rising in popularity

You’re sitting at your desk when you receive a text on your phone, it’s allegedly from the CEO of your company. He may say this is his new number (or his personal number) and he’s reaching out to you by name, adding to the legitimacy of the text. If you respond, he’ll say he’s in an important meeting and he needs you to use your company card to buy gift cards as a gift for the attendants of the meeting.

China sponsored hacking data dump highlights the importance of seeing the bigger picture when it comes to your cyber security protections

It’s not a new concept to many Americans that cyber warfare crosses all borders and boundaries and affects many areas of our day to day, from the increase in attacks at the start of Russia’s war with Ukraine, to concerns related to our voting systems and democracy, to even leaving US citizens nationwide transfixed over the implications of an errant balloon.

5 Reasons to have an annual meeting with your IT service provider and how to make the most of it

If you’re a small business owner and you work with an outsourced IT provider you’re not alone, statistics vary but it’s estimated up to 60% of small businesses utilize a third-party resource for their IT.

This can look different depending on your particular size and needs, for some businesses it can look like support for existing IT staff, for other businesses their entire IT needs are shifted onto a third party IT resource.