Bing’s ChatGPT Chatbot had some unexpected conversations with customers this week, plus 3 Chatbots we CAN recommend for your website

Bing’s ChatGPT Chatbot had some unexpected conversations with customers this week, plus 3 Chatbots we CAN recommend for your website

While Microsoft has been somewhat hush hush on the exact amount of their investment into the creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI (with some estimates nearing $10 billion).  It is clear that they’re going all in on AI and looking towards the future by already integrating it into their search engine Bing, via a new chat bot feature.

The results have been, to say the least, unexpected. While in the majority of cases the bot responds appropriately to the prompts and provides helpful information, there were some instances this week where the opposite happened.

Including a conversation about the new movie Avatar: Way of the Water in which case the bot got confused about what year it was and insisted it was still 2022, punctuating it’s arguments with the user with “I’m a good Bing bot”.

In another case, a New York Times writer hearing about the unusual way the bot was sometimes responding, led him to holding a conversation with it for over 2 hours. The bizarre results of the lengthy conversation culminated in the bot trying to convince him they were in love and that he should leave his wife.

This highlights the complex nature of AI in its current form, many think AI is advanced hardware working at full capacity to create something brand new to human-kind. When in reality it's a vast collection of what humans have already put onto the internet scrambled together and supported by algorithms to be readily available upon a human prompt. You have to imagine having the full capacity of the internet at your fingertips – both the good and the bad.

That’s why AI has been able to pass the Bar exam and also why it has also responded very strangely to simple prompts as in the Bing example, because like the internet it’s a mixed bag.

In response to the news Microsoft has limited their chatbot to prevent more unsettling conversations, with 5 user prompts on the same topic the bot will now respond with “I prefer not to talk about this topic.”.

AI can be very useful but it’s definitely not a replacement for all human led activity, especially when it comes to engaging with your customers.

That’s why we have our top 3 picks for live chat options that will improve customer engagement (with no unexpected results):

  1. LiveChat: This is the one we personally use and we enjoy the features it has including an “attention grabber” which is an animated .gif that grabs customers attention and the ability to instigate conversations with visitors. It also keeps a record of who has tried to chat and allows customer service agents to “take over” a conversation when it’s appropriate to. It also includes customizable branding (all of the chatbots on our list do).
  2. Olark is another good option, like LiveChat it keeps track of the conversations happening on your website but it also offers analytics based on those conversations so you can track customer outcomes. It also offers many integrations with popular products such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Salesforce and more.
  3. is a free live chat option that still has some very nice features, including monitoring customers on your website and being able to answer chats from a mobile device. You can even share your screen if you’re trying to assist a customer in finding something.

We believe in answering customers live which is why we have Live Chat available to our customers, with live service reps on our website and a dedicated dispatcher to answer customer phone calls. Technology advice like what's provided in this article is just one of the ways we help our clients, if you would like to learn more about obtaining technology support for your business schedule a consultation with us today.

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