Cyber Security Kit

Cyber Security is a complex issue, so to help bring some clarity to it we have pulled together some of our best Cyber Security resources into the brand new for 2020 Cyber Security Kit. This kit contains items you will not want to miss that we are positive will be an invaluable resource for your business, and the best part is it’s FREE.

It includes the following:

  • NEW! Our Cyber Security Webinar that features special guest from ID Agent, Leah Ubaldo. It contains information you don’t want to miss and real screenshots from the Dark Web that will SHOCK you.
  • Our popular Cyber Security Checklist that was recently updated for 2020. This one-page resource is perfect for hanging up in your office.
  • 20 Cyber Security Facts for 2020, the biggest news in Cyber Security so far this year condensed into an easy to read fact page.
  • Our Cyber Security Report, this robust report contains information about what pitfalls to avoid as well as a quiz to see how your cyber security plan stacks up.

In addition to these free resources we’re also offering qualified businesses in the Central Valley a FREE Cyber Security Assessment and Dark Web Scan. These can be conducted over the phone or via a virtual meeting, we will tell you specifically where your cyber security plan is lacking and let you know if your information is ALREADY on the Dark Web and what to do about it.

The bottom line is this resource is something you don’t want to miss, and you can take advantage of any or all of our kit 100% for free. In these uncertain times Cyber Security is not something to be overlooked, bad actors are out there and at Valley Techlogic we are committed to stopping them in their tracks. Act today, before it’s too late.

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