TechVault is the comprehensive backup plan your business needs to thrive.

Backups can bridge the gap between recovering from a data disaster and losing everything.

At Valley Techlogic we think the best backup solution is multifaceted. Onsite, in the cloud, and archival backups are all included in our TechVault plan.

TechVault is a keystone part of our comprehensive service plan packages. The three backup types are as follows:

  • Onsite Backup. . One of your backups will be onsite in your office or even in your own home. This backup is updated every 15 minutes meaning it will have the most current version of your data and it also will be the fastest way to recover and get back to work in the event of data loss on your primary use machines.
  • In the Cloud. Another backup of your data will be kept in the cloud, this offsite backup will be immune to things that may effect your onsite data - such as natural disasters.
  • Archival Backup. Brand new, we now offer archival backups. This backup of your data is taken once and stored, and once stored the data is immutable (meaning it can not be changed or written over without extreme effort). This backup will be your best defense in the case of a cyber security event.

Altogether these three backups types form our unbreakable backup plan TechVault. TechVault joins our other comprehensive features such as OfficeGuard for Office 365, phone and VoIP support, onsite support and more. Fill out the form to receive our information packet instantly.

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