QSnatch Malware and the Safety of Network Attached Storage (NAS)

QSnatch Malware and the Safety of Network Attached Storage (NAS)

The QSnatch malware was first detected in October of last year, the goal of it appears to be in most cases to grab the credentials of the Network Attached Storage (NAS) it infects. It was also determined it has the capability to download further instructions from online servers, making it an extremely versatile malware.

In October it was reported that 7000 devices had been infected with this malware, however recently it was confirmed by CISA that in June of 2020 that had jumped to 62,000 devices, making it clear this malware is now being used more prolifically. We also have learned more about its capabilities. That includes:

  • Credential scraper
  • SSH Backdoor – This allows the hacker to execute code on the device
  • Exfiltration – When run it allows QSnatch to steal a predetermined list of files
  • CGI Password Logger – This allows the malware to install a fake version of your device’s login page, allowing them to steal your credentials
  • Webshell functionality for remote access

That seems like a scary list of abilities and makes it clear that enacting security measures in all your devices but especially those that contain important data is imperative.

If you already use NAS you probably know the benefits, but for those that don’t or are considering it here is what’s beneficial about employing NAS devices in your organization:

  1. More storage space, in most cases NAS devices are used instead of or in addition to regular servers.
  2. Private cloud, a NAS device can be used to have a private cloud network in your business or even your home.
  3. Media Servers, there are many NAS devices especially aimed as functioning as a media server.
  4. Automated backups, a NAS device can function as your backup device or in addition to your primary backup device for more redundancy.
  5. Lower costs, NAS devices tend to be much cheaper than traditional servers.

This is just a small list of the benefits but as with most devices there are specific measures required to keep them safe from a cyber-attack. This includes having a good plan for password security in your business – a hacker getting the password to one of these devices may be handing them the keys to the kingdom.

Also, as the name implies this is “network” attached storage, so you must have a secure network in place. You also want to make sure you’re regularly updating the firmware for this and any other devices you use.

Network attached storage devices are an excellent option for many businesses, as long as the proper protocols are followed to keep it safe.

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