10 Holiday Shopping Tips for Safer Online Shopping

The holiday season is upon us and with Thanksgiving around the corner many are anticipating doing some holiday shopping the day after during Black Friday.

In previous years stores seemed to open earlier and earlier, creeping into Thanksgiving itself to allow buyers who really wanted those deals to snatch them up before their competition (if they were willing to sacrifice some time with family). Many felt this was unfair to employees and with the pandemic that activity has been scaled back so now most businesses are closed on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday Isn’t just for consumer purchases, business owners can take advantage as well with these tech deals

The holidays are rapidly approaching and with Thanksgiving and Black Friday this week we thought it would be a good idea to offer some tips when it comes to Black Friday shopping for your business.

If you aren’t aware, “Black Friday” is the day following Thanksgiving when retailers offer deep discounts to entice buyers who are holiday shopping.

Need computers for your office? Purchasing before the New Year could save your business a ton of money

Every year we promote the tax savings benefits of Section 179 to our clients, new clients are often not aware that the computer hardware (and even some software) they use in their business is a tax deductible expense. Making these purchases before year end saves them a boat load of money on the next years tax bill and effectively works as a discount on the equipment they need.

Windows Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2 are approaching end-of-life, what should you do?

Upgrading your personal computer with the latest Windows can come with some challenges and hesitancy due to changes that are made to every new consumer and business version of Windows for personal computers.

UI changes and increased specifications both come to the forefront for our customers when making these changes, but for servers that decision process feels even more fraught with danger.

2023 is coming, is your business CMMC ready?

For some Department of Defense (DoD) contractors, CMMC or Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification compliance may be a looming figure that they’ve yet to address. If you’re one of the ones currently making headway on it, you may not be certain which level you need to reach for your business.

10 ways to get the most out of your outsourced IT

Whether you currently have an outsourced IT resource or you’re considering one (which by the way Valley Techlogic can help with that), you may be wondering how to make the most of the service you’re paying for.

First let’s describe what we mean by outsourced IT, any personnel resource that’s not directly hired by your organization is outsourced, and with IT specifically there are providers that will provide you access to their entire team for a singular fee (which is often times lower than the cost of hiring one full time person would be).

Another example is you do have in-house IT personnel, but they’re overwhelmed and unable to keep up with he demand of your organization, or there are projects that fall outside their scope of expertise.

Our top 10 safety tips for mobile devices

There’s a popular misconception that mobile devices are somehow more resistant to hacking and cyberthreats than PCs (personal computers) or other standalone devices, this Isn’t exactly true.

In today’s age, anything connected to the internet can be tampered with or hacked.