Chrome browser extensions we recommend, and ones to avoid

Whether you use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or something else for your day to day browsing, there are browser extensions (or add-ons) that can make that browsing better – but which ones?

All browser options these days have a dedicated section in your settings options to find extensions that are compatible with that particular browser.

Our Top 10 Technology Myths and Urban Legends, Debunked

The advent of the internet brought an influx of information right to our fingertips, and unfortunately not everything that proliferates on the internet is factual.

With “fake news” undoubtedly being one of the official buzz word phrases of the 2020’s, how close are you reviewing these common place technology tropes? These are the top 10 technology myths and urban legends we see as a technology provider:

Privacy/Incognito mode is DEFINITELY private: We’re sorry to say, if you think everything you’re doing in a private/incognito browser is hidden from view you would be incorrect.

Maximizing your tax deduction potential with Section 179

It’s September which means we’re almost to the fourth quarter where most businesses look ahead towards end of year activities, it’s not unusual for us to see an increased interest in locking down new equipment and upgrades before year end.

Each year we begin promoting the benefits of Section 179, you can learn more about it in our updated guide for 2023 or continue reading.

Looking to up your online platform game? These 5 tools will help you run your online business better

If you’re running a business in 2023 you know that having an online presence is often the key to growth (and if you need advice on that we’ve written about it before), but how much of your workflow is presently in the digital workspace?

We still see plenty of businesses that are still working off pen and paper, eschewing digital files for a wall of file cabinets and communicating via fax rather than email (did you know that you can receive fax via email now)?

There’s nothing wrong with being old school, but it can slow down the kind of progress you’re hoping to make with your business.

Zero trust or zero effort, how does your businesses security stack measure up?

Have you been working on strengthening your cyber security stack in your business or crossing your fingers and hoping for the best? How much protection is really enough?

There are a lot of remedies for improving cyber security out there, but which ones present the best value for your business, and what constitutes a “zero trust” environment?

If you’re just starting out, these 10 items will greatly improve your business’s cyber security safety in a short amount of time (we call these “best practices”):

Use multi-factor authentication.