Cloud Services

Providing a true alternative to physical hardware

Free yourself from traditional IT with Cloud Computing

Making a business decision to ‘move to the cloud’ is often associated with financial advantages. While some organizations have their own physical server, this hardware equipment not only uses up office space, but its value also depreciates over time.

By moving aspects of your day-to-day computing to the cloud, you can leverage stable internet connectivity to be a huge cost savings and overall productivity boost. Your data, shared applications, development platforms, and/or computing infrastructure can be accessed using Valley Techlogic, Inc.’s Cloud Services. We provide options such as bandwidth and on-demand computing power with flexible capabilities normally purchased as a metered service.

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With Valley Techlogic, Inc.’s Cloud Services, you can have:

  • Continuous online backup, intrusion prevention, and real-time monitoring
  • Backup and recovery in minutes instead of days
  • A secure computing environment
  • Enterprise email archiving
  • Ongoing access to critical applications
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Enforcement of acceptable use and regulatory policies

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Save time and money by hosting your Email Exchange on our data center.

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Hosted Server & Infrastructure

Eliminate hardware and utility expenses by hosting your server.

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Hosted Desktop

Ensure the fast, safe and uninterrupted use of employee workstations.

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Hardware Virtualization

Host computing resources and cut down your energy and maintenance costs.

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