Data Services

Keep your business running and your data intact at all times

Recover and prevent data loss with Valley Techlogic, Inc.’s data

Major data loss due to disasters, faulty equipment, or server failures can be a major blow to your business. Valley Techlogic, Inc. can help you prevent your business from compromising situations with our data retrieval and backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Valley Techlogic, Inc. will help you retrieve and/or protect valuable information and lower your risk of data loss with our up-to-date yet affordable Data Services. Our vigilant monitoring, managing, and restoring of information also include full data backup from your computers and servers to multiple locations.

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Valley Techlogic, Inc.’s Data Services provide you:

  • Rapid, automatic backup without disruption to your work
  • Capacity to retrieve lost or damaged files in minutes
  • Minimal downtime to get your business back up and running
  • Multiple tools to efficiently reduce storage space
  • Secured data through encryption at a secure offsite locations

Data Retrieval

Recover all your important information from broken disc hard drives and other hardware types with our data loss solution.

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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Get assistance in implementing a data recovery solution to ensure your business continuity in times of disaster.

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