Our Five Best FREE Resources Ranked

Our Five Best FREE Resources Ranked

At Valley Techlogic we believe educating our community on internet safety and providing concrete goals for businesses in our area to help improve their cybersecurity measures whether or not they're covered by a Valley Techlogic plan is a valuable resource our company can provide to make us all a little safer online.

We've provided quite a few free resources and reports over the years, and we couldn't help but notice which ones really have struck a cord with our audience.

Here are our top five free resources and reports, ranked by popularity. Bonus, you can grab all of these right from this page, still absolutely free.🙂

#5 The Data Contingency Planning Report

Our Data Contingency Report tells you EXACTLY what you need to have a solid plan for backing up your business's files. Click to grab the report now instantly.

#4 The New IT Provider Checklist

Our New IT Provider Checklist lets you check off the MUST have for your new IT provider. If they don't cover one or more of these items, you should keep looking.

#3 Our Section 179 Guide

Our Section 179 helps you get the best tax benefits from the tech purchases you make for your business. We'll have the updated 2022 version available later this year.

#2 Our Cyber Security Framework Overview Report

Our Cyber Security Framework Overview Report goes over in plain text a number of popular frameworks, CMMC, HIPAA and more.

#1 Our Cyber Security Checklist

By far our most popular resource, this no nonsense checklist gets straight to the point on what you need to be fully covered from cyber threats.

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