Western Digital suffers a ransomware attack, with hackers requesting an 8 figure sum and leaking image from internal meeting

Western Digital suffers a ransomware attack, with hackers requesting an 8 figure sum and leaking image from internal meeting

Western Digital is a well-known name in the data production and storage industry. Established in 1970, they were one of the original players in the process of making semiconductors and they have a storied history that began with calculator chips, included a bankruptcy as well as being at the forefront of floppy disc creation in the 1980’s to eventually the hard drives they became known for in the 1990’s. Chances are good you have had a Western Digital drive in one of your devices (you may even have one now).

Despite being leaders in the digital storage industry, they’ve unfortunately proven no one is immune when it comes to ransomware attacks. While this story emerged mid-April (and the attack occurred March 26) we have an update as the hacker group “BlackCat” taunts Western Digital by leaking an internal video conference on the topic just this week. They leaked an image from the meeting on social media coyly dubbing the people included “the finest threat hunters Western Digital has to offer”. A clear mockery of their attempts to remediate the threat thus far.

The hacker group is clearly trying to up the ante to get the company to fork over the ransom they’ve requested, a sum reportedly coming in at an eye watering 8 figures. For context a typical ransomware payment paid out by a business in Quarter 1 of 2022 was $228, 125. For individuals payouts hover around $6000. In a nutshell, ransomware is a lucrative business for those with unscrupulous motives.

To make matters worse, it’s been reported that the group BlackCat has access to multiple Western Digital systems. Meaning this attack was well orchestrated and highly effective at not only making their data vulnerable but creating a disruption to all parts of their business. Western Digital has reported requested the services of outside security and forensic experts to try and recover what they can but needless to say this is an expensive lesson for their business both in money and time lost as well as their reputation in the technical industry.

You would think being a leader in data storage that their backup recovery process would be flawless, unfortunately when hackers gain domain level access even the best laid plans for your data can go out the window. That’s why Valley Techlogic offers a multi-pronged approach to backups.

Many clients like the idea that all their data is at their fingertips within their on-premises server. The server itself serves as a physical reminder that their data is ready and available when they need it.

Unfortunately, having your data all in one place is not a good idea. Other than ransomware attacks such as this, it also leaves your business vulnerable if your server fails for whatever reason. We’ve seen it before; many clients aren’t expecting their servers to just give out or for something like a fire or other disaster to affect them and when it happens, they’re left scrambling. The process to recover from scratch is not always guaranteed and even if a recovery is possible, it can take as long as 3 months to get back mostly to where you were. Generally, a 100% recovery is not possible in these instances.

That’s why at Valley Techlogic our backup solution TechVault is available and used by each of our clients. We have this chart on the benefits of our TechVault solution.

You can also learn more about it by visiting here. If the Western Digital breach has left you concerned for the safety of your data, or you would just like more information on our backup solution you can request a consultation with our expert sales staff here.

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