Security Camera Buying Guide for Businesses in 2023

Security Camera Buying Guide for Businesses in 2023

We may be alone here, but it seems like the interest in security cameras has climbed over the past year. Perhaps it’s because the technology has vastly improved over the last decade and our clients are ready to swap out slower, inefficient models that capture lackluster video at and are expensive to maintain for newer models that capture crisp clear video and have increased features to make reviewing that video much, much easier.

If you were unaware, the grainy surveillance footage you’re used to seeing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you’re a fan of crime dramas, you may have seen the police officers in those show ask to have a video unrealistically “enhanced” to show the suspects on screen from original footage that starts out barely visible. Now, that sort of technology is in some cases a reality.

Instead of starting with grainy footage, the cameras we have available for our customers have clear easy to view footage of a wider area than you would have been able to get in the past (meaning less cameras to buy to cover the same square footage). These cameras are also backed by software enhancements that enable you to search through the footage to find a specific time, an object such as a license plate, or even specific people.

You can learn more about the AVA powered camera systems we offer here. The best thing about the AVA solution is it can pair with your existing cameras, allowing you access to many of these benefits without buying new cameras.

That brings us to the pros and cons of buying a new camera system for your business:

  • Pro: Enhanced Features, obviously we just spent some time going over the features you’ll stand to gain from a new camera system. Another feature you may not have considered is reduced storage costs; many camera systems now store data in the cloud meaning you will not have to pay for onsite storage (which can add up if you tend to save your footage for a while).
  • Con: Cost, obviously the cost of a new camera system can be quite expensive, but perhaps less than you may think. As technology has grown and cameras have become more ubiquitous, the costs have also dropped.
  • Pro: More Options to Fit More Spaces, if you have old school bullet style cameras only you may be surprised at the range of options and styles available now. We still recommend the bullet style for outdoor use as it’s very obvious that a camera is in place to potential intruders, but for in office use a more discreet camera might make more sense (and you can look at our chart on camera styles below).
  • Con: Installation, going through the installation of any kind of equipment can bring up unforeseen issues. Problems with wiring or getting the placement exactly right for the location it’s being placed. There is of course the expense of the installation too, which in some cases can rival the cost of the cameras themselves. Every situation is different and it’s best to have your specific setup reviewed by a technician to get a clear estimate.
  • Pro: Better Able to Work in a Variety of Conditions, older cameras often didn’t handle interference or poor lighting very well. Today’s cameras can adjust for poor lighting or poor visibility and some cameras even offer night vision for poorly lit areas of your building.
  • Con: Software Costs, of course for AI or software backed cameras you will encounter a software cost for utilizing those features. We feel it’s more than worth it considering how much more useful your cameras will be for your business and should be considered part of the cost of maintaining your security in your business.
  • Pro: More Integrations, as our AVA page illustrates, many of today’s camera systems also integrate with sensors that can monitor for odors or liquids, and even specific sounds (such as screaming or a gunshot).
  • Con: There really aren’t any additional cons outside of the expense and going through the installation process, once your new camera system is in place you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

Here is a brief overview of the types of cameras that are now available on the market:

While we recommend the AVA solution the most for our clients, we have camera system options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We would be more than happy to provide a custom estimate for your business, reach out today to schedule a walkthrough with one of our security camera experts.

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