High Tech Holidays – Five Ways Technology Can Make Your Holiday Season Easier

High Tech Holidays – Five Ways Technology Can Make Your Holiday Season Easier

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season right now, and we thought the best gift we could give to you (our readers) is some advice straight from the tech experts on how to use technology to make your holiday season easier.

We have five tips to utilize technology for an efficient and fun holiday season.

  1. Long Distance Calls Don’t Have to Be Expensive: If your phone is stuck in the past make it your New Years resolution to change that. VoIP for home and businesses will save you money on traditional telecom costs, even when Aunt Brenda talks your ear off.
  2. Utilize The Cloud for All Those Photos and Christmas Cards: Skip hauling boxes of cards and photos up to the attic after the holiday season, scan and store those precious memories digitally in the cloud. Bonus, you never have to worry about a roof leak or other disaster ruining them.
  3. Designate a Network for Your Guests: For modern routers, giving out your Wi-Fi password to all your guests is no longer needed. You can activate a “Guest Network” in your router settings with its own password and name, and then turn it off when everyone goes home. You can even give your temporary network holiday themed names like “Winter WonderLAN” or “FalalaLAN”.
  4. Flying? Use a Fare Tracker: If your flight plans can be somewhat flexible, utilizing online fare trackers will be your best bet in saving you a lot of money this holiday season. They will help you figure out when the best time to purchase those tickets is. In the same vein, you can utilize price trackers for gifts you purchase online too.
  5. Get a Head Start on New Year’s Resolutions – Tech Edition: Another thing to consider is making some good tech hygiene a part of your New Year’s resolution. While you make changes in 2022 to make yourself healthier and happier, make your devices healthier too by keeping them up to date with security patches and updates (especially with vulnerabilities such as Log4J running amok).

We hope these tips help you have a happy holiday at home. For your business, the holidays may represent a time of stress as you wonder if you’ll have coverage for the technology in your business or if your current service provider will be available to take your calls and service requests.

At Valley Techlogic, we are dedicated to our customers success. We offer after hours, weekend and holiday support – usually at no additional cost for customers who have one of our service plans. Also, for the rest of December we’re offering one month FREE to new customers.

To learn more about the kind of benefits you receive as a Valley Techlogic customer, we’ve created this chart:

Click to see the full size version.

As you can see, all of your preventative maintenance is covered under a Valley Techlogic service plan. This may even free up time for you if you’re a business owner who’s been handling a lot of these items yourself, which during the holiday season is invaluable. If you’d like to learn more schedule a quick consultation with us today. Happy Holidays!

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