10 ways to get the most out of your outsourced IT

10 ways to get the most out of your outsourced IT

Whether you currently have an outsourced IT resource or you’re considering one (which by the way Valley Techlogic can help with that), you may be wondering how to make the most of the service you’re paying for.

First let’s describe what we mean by outsourced IT, any personnel resource that’s not directly hired by your organization is outsourced, and with IT specifically there are providers that will provide you access to their entire team for a singular fee (which is often times lower than the cost of hiring one full time person would be).

Another example is you do have in-house IT personnel, but they’re overwhelmed and unable to keep up with he demand of your organization, or there are projects that fall outside their scope of expertise. In either of these cases, it can make sense to contract with an IT provider to fill in the gaps.

A third scenario is you have regulatory factors within your business sector and need specialized support to meet those requirements. It can be cost prohibitive as a singular organization to acquire the protections needed but an IT provider is able to share that cost across many clients, which in turn lessens the cost for you and provides the other benefits of outsourced IT as an added bonus.

There may be a misconception that “outsourced” always means “outside the US”, at Valley Techlogic our technicians are local and able to assist our clients onsite as needed on top of providing remote support. It’s a good idea to ask that question of your provider, especially if they will be handling all of your IT.

Now that we’ve covered what it means to outsource your IT, here are ten ways to make the most of the services you’re paying for:

  1. Reducing redundancy. You may have redundant IT services you’re paying for, we can identify those services and remove them.
  2. Increased cybersecurity protection. To sum a complicated topic up simply, outsourcing your IT to a provider like Valley Techlogic means you will probably have access to advanced cybersecurity solutions that you may not have otherwise had access to.
  3. Backup for your backups. You hopefully already have a backup plan in place (if you don’t we can help with that too) but are you always sure it’s running appropriately? Part of our daily quality assurance checks is making sure all of our client’s backups are performing optimally.
  4. More time for your existing IT personnel. If you already have IT personnel, they may be swamped just with your day-to-day tasks, if you outsource your IT you can lessen the load so they can focus on business forward activities.
  5. Less time spent down. Downtime is expensive for businesses, your outsourced IT resource should be focusing on eliminating as much downtime as possible due to outages, hardware malfunctions, etc.
  6. Procurement assistance included. Procuring hardware has been more difficult lately due to chip shortages and other delays, our resources for procurement become your resources and we can help you source the equipment you need at possibly a better value.
  7. 24/7 support. Even if you have existing IT staff it’s not realistic to expect them to be on call 24/7, with Valley Techlogic we have a team of technicians, and someone is always available to take your call.
  8. Bring it all under one umbrella. Similar to number one, we can bring all of your IT spending under one umbrella. This includes your Microsoft spending because we’re a dedicated Microsoft partner.
  9. Expert advice. We don’t just provide expert services; we also provide expert advice to our clients on improving their technology and efficiency.
  10. Increased consistency. We usually find with new clients that there’s a lot to do in the beginning, but as we onboard our software and tools and regulate tasks such as performing updates and backup maintenance, the technology process becomes more consistent and reliable for them going forward as a result.

If you’ve never outsourced your IT before, or have and it didn’t go well you may be wary about trying again with another provider. We value creating a smooth transition to our services for our customers, but we also know sometimes you just need to try something out before committing to it.

That’s why we’re offering 2 hours of service free to qualified businesses. Here’s a list of ideas for what we could tackle 2 hours on the table, we’re confident our technicians could complete any one of these tasks for you in 2 hours.

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Ready to learn more? Claim your 2 hours here or schedule a consultation with us today.

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