Your questions answered, our Microsoft 365 subscription information for Nonprofits

Your questions answered, our Microsoft 365 subscription information for Nonprofits

As a Microsoft partner we help our customers receive the maximum benefits from their Microsoft 365 subscriptions, including access to the security features found under Microsoft Business Premium and the line of business software we’re all familiar with Office, featuring programs such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint and more.

For our nonprofit clients they can reap these same benefits often at a reduced cost or even free. We wanted to break down what’s available and how you can take advantage of these benefits for your nonprofit business in today’s article.

First, what are the eligibility requirements that nonprofits must meet in order to apply?

Your organization must be one of the following three:

  1. A Nonprofit that’s recognized by your respective country, in the US if your business has 501(c ) (3) status you most likely qualify.
  2. Public Libraries.
  3. Public Museums.

Our clients usually fall within the first category and their business sector varies, from healthcare to education and many others.

Another restriction of the free or reduced cost licensing is you must use it for your non-profit staff. If you also have a for profit side of your business or another business that’s for profit you cannot use your non-profit licensing for those staff members. Also, for executive staff they must be unpaid to qualify to use the licensing.

Microsoft also requires high utilization of the licenses you use, so we don’t recommend using them on staff members who don’t require a computer. They monitor usage and require 85% utilization.

If your business meets the above requirements, you can apply using this link. Once you apply processing takes up to 10 business days while they validate your application.

After you’re approved, you’ll have access to the Microsoft 365 benefits found in the chart below:

Pricing Table for Microsoft 365 Subscriptions NonprofitAs you can see, these are not scaled back versions of Microsoft 365. Nonprofits receive the same level of service for free (or at a deep discount). If you’re curious what license version makes the most sense for your staff we have a free Microsoft guide that goes into the benefits of Microsoft 365 as well as providing information on Windows, Onedrive and more here.

Microsoft also provides specialized training for nonprofits and discounts on Surface hardware, you can learn more about these programs here.

At Valley Techlogic we’re well versed in helping support our nonprofit clients, we can help you with the Microsoft application process as well as helping your business with your day to day technology needs. If you would like to learn more click here to schedule a consultation today.

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