Star2Star Communications

Star2Star Communications Voice over IP solution “Allows productive people to get more done, everyday”

Star2Star Communications offers small and medium-sized enterprises communications and telecommunications solutions. Voice over IP is utilized by many large enterprises, but only recently have VoIP solutions been affordable enough for small and medium-sized businesses. Star2Star features comprehensive VoIP solutions that can offer your organization an array of options that other VoIP providers can’t.

Superior Technology

The reliability of the Star2Star Communications Solutions can present many benefits to any-sized organization.

Star2Star has developed a unique technology called Blended Architecture™. The patent-pending Blended Architecture system is made up of industry-standard components and protocols, and is completely standards compliant. The Star2Star Communications system offers organizations end-to-end communications solutions that use substantially less bandwidth than other solutions and is fully managed and monitored for comprehensive support and industry-leading reliability.

A Complete Communications Solution

Star2Star offers advanced functionality and usability compared with other cloud-based phone systems.

Star2Star Communications offers additional services on top of their award-winning VoIP packages. Their scalable packages include solutions for any type of communication or telecommunication a small or medium-sized enterprise would require. VoIP packages include video conferencing, following capabilities, and an innovative softphone feature that allows users to access their work phone account from their personal or company-issued iPhone. The Star2Star communication solution also offers these services:

  • 24x7 Monitoring and Help Desk
  • Failover with Redundant Internet Connections
  • Redundant Copper Carriers
  • Analog Line Backup
  • Next Day Replacement Parts
  • Disaster Recovery

If you would like more information about how Star2Star Communications’ Voice over IP offering can present your enterprise with a flexible, affordable, and option-filled solution to your communication problems contact us at (209) 357-3121. We have experienced technicians that can not only help you find the best communications solution for your company, but assist you with any of your organization's IT-related concerns.